Wednesday 20 October 2010

Mercy/Jupiter & Cameron’s Spending Cuts

Now that transiting Saturn is between his ascendant and his natal sun in the first house Libra he really is between a rock and a hard place! he can’t do right for doing wrong. That maybe the cry of any politician in his position .. he has to do something to save the U.K from bankruptcy and with the Libran first house planets he really will want to ‘please all of the people!’ or at least placate them. But at the moment it will not be possible. Not with the ever vigilant monitoring of Saturn calling for hard-line truthful measures. Although it’s just possible that he could buy some time with the more drastic of the decisions until December. Then Saturn will sit on the natal Sun and demand his focus and some more precision-decision making.

Transiting Mars from his own house of finance had been pulling his natal Moon in Leo at the end of September until the second week of October, so his area of power through social standing, and community issues, has been under intense focus. The heat is off to that aspect now but it would be safe to say that some of his main decisions were made a lot earlier than this week, they were probably in the freezer waiting to be defrosted today ... possibly open to comment and some discussion, but he is a leader who brooks no real argument: once he ‘s made up his mid he will stick to what he feels right in that first logic.

Today Mercury is at the end degree of Libra and in strong aspect to his natal Jupiter in the the area of the chart concerning social power and the populace, mentioned above. He’s at the beginning of making his mark, he has the world’s attention and that of his voters, so there’s bound to be some division of what otherwise would be hard-line or straight down the middle cuts. The cuts may be sectioned in some places and not the deep incisions causing untold bleeding.

He is trying to get a country back on course, that is what he has been voted in to do. He cannot play to an audience if he’s to win. He is too smart to even try, but he is too strategic not to be able to account for every last penny-pinching pound.

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