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URANUS MOVES INTO TAURUS ..... substantiating the innovation.

Famously Uranus, one of the extra saturnian slow moving planets, is the instigator of breakthrough and revolution. It cares little for precedence, provenance or tradition, and concerns itself only with new horizons. It breaks barriers at any price, brings in radical shifts and takes no hostages. In the brave and confrontational vibration of Aries over the past seven years it has dragged many of us kicking and screaming against our wills into battles we may have preferred not to have fought, or areas we found disquieting. Aries is as fond of the new and the untried as much as Uranus is fond of accessing it. 

Uranus is the ruler of of Aquarius, and the planet of change, transformation and disruption, and is set to leave Aries on the 15thMay after a seven year transit through the sign. Entering Taurus on the 16th it is somewhat static while it sits at nought degrees between the two signs, until it grips Taurus properly from the 5th June. Meantime, it simply takes a foray into its new home, beginning to retrograde in early August having only managed to make two degrees of Taurus. But it's enough to give tasters of what it can do in this Venusian earth sign. By the second week of November it’s back into late degrees Aries, going direct again in January and finally entering Taurus to stay in March 2019.

Uranus as a planetary influence is not to be under-estimated, no progress or evolution can take place without it. It ravages, tears and forces access into dimensions and areas a little further on, and does not care for the aftermath or the price. In Taurus it may demolish structure, standards and economy, simply to make way for the next epoch. And the bridge between eras or worlds from this May to March next year is for the widening of what has to be brought into existence or salvaged, as well as for what has to be redistributed or disposed of along the way. As Mars goes back into Capricorn in August briefly, Uranus has reached its limit for this year. In August many of us decide finally whether to make radical and dynamic shifts of movement or whether to preserve what we know and expand on that.

In the last seven days of Uranus’ reign in Aries, 9thto 15h May, there are casualties of fatigue, and celebrations of victory, not necessarily in the same place, and there are definitely contingencies that did not exist before. As Mercury (the lesser octave of Uranus) enters the fray on the 12thand 13th of the month the final crescendos and the nerve strain can be high. Some issues are ongoing - they merely reach a different level or new incarnation, ones which become more manageable perhaps in the solid framework of Taurus. 

The Septimal Law (or seven year stages) are legendary, and the growth of humankind is said to take place in chapters of seven - although it is probably more rapid nowadays due to our quickening evolvement as a species. But the full changeover from Aries to Taurus between May and March can be likened to a bridgework from May to March 2019 where many of us may run back and to, undecided where we ought to be, or what we ought to preserve in the various areas of our lives affected by this change of sign. Taurus is all about preservation and substantiation.

In Taurus Uranus may bring its original quirky flair to the luxurious and the beneficial parts of life. Pursuing pleasure until it becomes pain, or abundance until it becomes loss: the reversals Uranus can create are well known to astrologers; rags to riches flavour is exerted in many of the aspectUranus makes with other heavier planets. Uranus is the slayer of serenity, the knave and the rascal, the interloper, the unexpected rescuer, the spectre at the feast, the fly in the ointment. It does not leave until there is change (or the chaos preceding it). It demands a shift in previous patterns. Uranus leaves no stone unturned. Impossible to make an omelette without breaking eggs … If Uranus in Aries was about new ideas and innovation then Uranus in Taurus is about the substance of these, the growth and fruition maintaining what has been primarily established as possible or necessary.  

Uranus as the revolutionary of the solar system keeps us moving, on our toes and reaching for what we need next in our journey to individuation.

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