Monday, 22 June 2020


Watch these vastly different videos .... and reach your own conclusions. 

An extremely good insight to what really happening right now, especially in the U.S.
Dr. Charlie Ward talks to various people.

Downing Street admits fake numbers on covid:

RichPlanet TV - The Rise of Fascism, Covid-19 & The Correct Death Stats since 2017.

London Real  (Brian Rose) - Digital Freedom Platform.

Uranus in Taurus (podcast).  The planetary Movement responsible for Current Change, Turmoil & Seismic Shift in Evolution.  Lyn Shea & Peter Wakefield, Astrologers, discuss & explain.


Tiny Tim :

George Carlin (Iive on stage) The Immune System & Germs.


Jessica Delmar talks on the esoteric level relating to virus and seismic shift.

3d/5d shift in dimension & the corona virus.

Cornea of the eye, crown activation & power of the Sun

Friday, 19 June 2020

CARTOUCHE TAROT .. uniquely interactive wisdoms for life

Our Online Tarot Service offers insight into subjects like career, emotions, finances, conflict etc, with personal data base facility & 24/7 usage.  Economical, self-enhancing & unique...... 

Interactive & totally private.  The next best thing to a live reading.

Saturday, 13 June 2020


Venus is still retrograde in Gemini - creating the kind of confusion or retrospective mind set which begs the need for retracing steps, overly thinking the previous aims or desires, or just going around in circles. This motion of retrograde movement ends on 24th June, taking some situations looping back to the second week of April for better clarity or breadth of vision.

However, Mercury retrogrades on the 17th June, lasting until 11th July, and Mercury retrograde - as we all know - causes considerable communicational and other mayhem whilst halting progress for detail missed, or lack of input by vital connections.  
The period between the 17th and 24th June should not be contemplated for sensible action until it is known what kind of conflict it holds and what kind of angsty objections arise to personal planning, and generally what spanners-in-works present themselves.  All in all we are not free of much of the nonsense and related hold-ups until well into the third week of July, when normality or common sense can be relied upon in some places, and at least in personal matters over which individuals have control.

Jupiter and Saturn are both stationery now - Saturn moving back, by the end of next week,  to its former nought degree wishy-washy stance in Aquarius. This is where it was at the end of March, so draw your own conclusions. It is refusing consent to grip and fixed position within issues needing them, or requiring a looser overview before proceeding.  Jupiter is trying still to evaluate the actions of March through to present day, and it may be good to decide what is needed and what is to be discarded. Particularly as Mars enters Aries in July for a hugely long transit out until next January, with retrograde motion of course.......more of that at a later date.

Wednesday, 3 June 2020

Venus-Gemini Retrograde & Neptune – conflict, diversity & invisible doors.

On the12th May Venus will retrograde in Gemini until the end of June. In this Mercury ruled, often conflicted vibration of air, it presents rifts, in thinking, attitude and standards. Especially in matters of personal belief or desire. Desire comes in many shades and forms, from the need to satisfy the private urges to the need to experience action in totally arbitrary areas of the outer world. What we thought we knew, or believed, or a conflict of interest at the heart of it. In short, contradiction or conflict between desire and necessity. A lot like bumping into glass doors which were invisible before immediate contact and finding the way in blocked.

The Mask slips ...
The square Venus makes to Neptune/Pisces from the 20th May to the 27th May is a mid-way point between aspects in the first week of May and the final direct movement of the aspect in the last few days of July. It is a chance to rewind or change course entirely iIn that 7 day period. It may for some become apparent that personal wishes or needs are not going to be fulfilled without much strain or cost at an individual level, but it may also give rise to alternative inspirations which are proven durable or do-able by the beginning of August. The infamous disappearing trick that can take place when Gemini and Pisces host planetary movement is legendary for dissolving hard facts, displacing the obvious or taking away the reality of what was once heavily relied upon to reveal different motives or reasons entirely to those once presented as fundamental. The resultant landscape is almost non-recognisable beyond the facade.

The default face of Gemini – the reality between the two forms or facets – is revealed in the retrograde period and shown more clearly.

Diversity of course is fuelled by necessity, the mother of invention. And diversity breeds innovation and promotes wider-thinking. Diversity does not have to mean conflict. Although many people are having to look at diversifying and control conflict whilst doing so. Venus in Gemini shows the more comfortable path, and the more satisfying means of accomplishment …. when the planet is retrograde the jury is out, and more evidence is required. 

The other important retrograde this year – Mars in Aries – happens in September, and it follows on spadework or groundwork undertaken since July in matters pertaining to new starts, new ground or challenging pathways. And this marks the second level of fundamental progress for 2020 as Jupiter is then again direct in Capricorn. 

Venus-Gemini retrograde meantime is something which causes deliberation, unreliability, lack of commitment, fickle or frivolous proposals without planning, and many other arcs of movement that disturb cohesion or don’t take root. But in its more positive mode it engenders the range and the periphery of life and horizons, or considerations which usually might be overlooked. It is nothing if not cunningly adventurous. Though it can often freeze-frame, or go silent during deliberation and contemplation and appear inert. 

Some things produced or perceived while Venus is retrograde in Gemini:dislocation issues worsening then resolving. Reconciliation talks. Rifts in understanding. Rips in well worn fabrics. Facsimile. Mirror images. Things seen in reflection. Choice without wisdom. Spontaneity unlimited. Versatility frozen in action. The reality behind behind the mask.

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Thursday, 21 May 2020

Effects of Uranus/Taurus - Seismic Shifts 2018 to 2025

This podcast has Lyn Shea &  Peter Wakefield, astrologers,  discussing the Uranus into Taurus planetary movement for the next few years.

How this dawning transit affects us a whole - this talk is not simply aimed at those with Sun in Taurus (although people with the sign will naturally be hugely affected) but shows the ramifications to society generally .... we all have a birth chart and we all have Taurus somewhere in our chart and are influenced by the major and extra Saturnine planets as they move through the solar system.

Uranus particularly brings the greatest changes and the greatest shifts in small and larger situations, both individually and globally.

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Wednesday, 29 April 2020

RichPlanet TV & 'London Real' ... refusing to be gagged.

RichPlanet TV.  - the dislocation between the lockdown and the virus scare.

Richard D. Hall is an English researcher on political and environmental matters which are less than clear or deliberately obscured  - to call him a conspiracy theorist is incorrect, since most of life these days is led by things which lurk behind conspiracy .... from banking to health care to big business/government codependency.

In this video he looks at the dubious history and provenance of Bill Gates and his motives.  And explores the dislocation between lockdown and Covid 19.

The most disturbing of the talk is in the middle part where there is footage of a meeting of world influencers in late 2019 discussing how to best put their own measures in place ahead of the pandemic which is obviously on their agenda.

It is perhaps easier for some people to go with the current situation, scurry about in masks and accept the government line. To listen only to the main stream media and t.v. (the propaganda machine and the opiate for the masses). But in reality the future hangs in the balance for our world, for our children and for the planet.  No-one doing valid research can refute what's going on.... even if some cannot handle the truth it is better they be at least aware.  Consciousness on the planet is where the war is really being fought.

RichPlanet TV (Bill Gate, the scam & the Global world agenda)).

See also: London Real with Brian Rose (interviewing Dr Rashid Buttar)
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Tuesday, 28 April 2020

Power of Unison in Consciousness ...

Our perception of everything is everything.

Change your perception and change your frequency, lose the fear and retain the Spiritual Integrity

Our energy strengthens when we gather in mindfulness, or prayer, or in spiritual union.  To ban religious fellowship, spiritual gatherings, weddings and ceremonial celebration is one way to decrease or drain human energy. Because collectively we are stronger and separately we are weaker.  But the consciousness is not related to the physical. What we think is more important than what we say. We are drawn to those who are in unison with us, at many levels, but especially on the mental and emotional level.  All religious texts talk somewhere about gathering in the name of God.  It is part of the human pathology over centuries of time to want to gather in unison, and to be able to do so. Think why this might have been stopped. Even in the time of the great plague the churches remained open. The war now is waged on the awareness and the consciousness of mankind.  We are walking into a separatist society which needs to be stopped. The energy when we are collected is finer and higher and connects easier to source.  We have to try harder to access such vibration when alone.  Each of us must find a way to do so, for the shift now and the battle is between third dimensional physicality and fifth dimensional awareness or purity.

Strengthen your immune system : Sunshine ... Vitamin D....  Heart Chakra Stimulus .... Pure Food. ...Truthful Communication.

A few short months ago we were being told to talk to each other - the U.K  had an epidemic of loneliness - money was thrown at t.v. advertising. (we cannot speak for other countries).  Over 9 million people of all ages testified to unmitigated loneliness and isolation.  Now we are being herded into an indefinite period of 'separatism'. When we are alone or isolated many are weakened. Isolation anxiety affecting over 9 million is a huge number.  But this virus (or whatever it really is) is not a reality for everybody .... your vibration is the key.  Your vibration is resonating to your state of mind and heart....  

If some people are not aware of what is going on now, then maybe they never will be.  The rift in humanity will be enormous - it is made of consciousness.

Watch these videos .... and make up your own minds.  (our video list changes routinely)

3d/5d shift in dimension & the corona virus.

Cornea of the eye, crown activation & power of the Sun

Uranus in Taurus (podcast).  The planetary Movement responsible for Current Change, Turmoil & Seismic Shift in Evolution.  Lyn Shea & Peter Wakefield, Astrologers, discuss & explain.