Thursday, 19 September 2019


Moon/Taurus is trine Sun/Virgo today (19th) and this earthy combination is great for flourishing plans and ventures but advises caution around open-ended budgeting or too much carte blanche on areas where expertise is limited or not proven. Saturn is direct after a five month pause in Capricorn and adds weight or substance in earth. Grip snd Growth are by-words for what can transpire now, out to the year end. Jupiter is on its last lap in Sagittarius so the good-will and largesse it is famous for needs to be capitalised on before December. Fly in the ointment in November when Mercury retrogrades in the tricky vibe of Scorpio …. more on that later.

Friday, 23 August 2019

Dynamics of Wealth - losses, gains & speculative fancies. Saturn & Jupiter.

Money and self worth are on the same wavelength. Money is support, it's the grid-work of survival. It comes to us with love, sometimes without love. We have a link – whether tenuous or close – to the people who have lent us money, provided money, or stolen money from us - in past lives as well as in this life. In this life we know who these people are at a sub-conscious if not a conscious level, and they are often the same people we will have connection with in future lifetimes, depending how the patterns work out. Money – like love – spins the karmic wheel of life. We may hate these people, love them, fear them or feel wary of them – all to various degrees, simply because we have that connection. 

Here's the real metaphysical deal: where there is great emotion around money there is either gain or loss. When money is not an abstract commodity but a subjective theme there is movement of wealth and collateral on often a huge scale (subjectively speaking). Forget bad and good as concepts. If the emotion is negative the loss of money is palpable and real. If the emotion is positive the increment in wealth is the same. It's all a question of degree. This is a matter for the personal and inner spectrum to judge. Money is a sacred tool.

Money as a commodity is a different matter than money given for love. But still we forge links with those who deal in money as a commodity. We are pulled or repelled by such people. We despise them or respect them, or remain indifferent. Our dealings around money need to be clean, and we're not talking of laundering etc but of freedom from dark or suspicious motivation where money changing hands is concerned. This is a question for the individual moral compass, not for collective censor, and it's why there is sometimes a lack of integrity, why there is seeming unfairness and inequality in matters of wealth.

We deal in money and the greater the need to live life the more the money comes ...and goes!  Money is a servant, not a master. The intention governs it.

In the current period of Saturn in Capricorn, the question of the fairness and integrity around money is more marked than ever. The extremes around money grew during Saturn’s reign in Sagittarius. Greater lack and greater gain – a greater division between the two. Nowadays the question of poverty is no longer a moral or a sociological one. It's psychological. To believe in one's worth is to stake a claim on the vibration towards abundance, or at least sufficiency.

It's important to be centred in that emotion - which is controlled by yourself. 

The degree depends on your belief in your ability to 'have' and to 'achieve'. Money is moving in sync with your emotion somewhere along the line.  It doesn't exist in its own right, it is an energy.  We are energy of course, so the two energies synchronise and deliver result.

Our integrity around money and what we do with it matters enormously to the wealth and gain game. It matters greatly, because it attracts the others connected to it, the rest of the cast in our script. It's a fundamental part of whether we succeed and do well, or not. If we have strong anger, fear and contempt around others in our money schemes there will be inevitable catastrophe or loss – the scale will depend on periphery factors, but there will be no gain, there will only be decrement. Many deal unscrupulosly in money with great impartiality and make great headway. Note, impartiality is free of emotion. But if the passion we feel is toxic then the vibe going off around the money will be dangerously unstable. Money is a wavelength, an energy, and we cannot say this in enough ways.

If you want to know the health of your monetary value or situation then examine your emotions and your innermost private feelings about yourself in relation to life. And those may be hidden from you as well as from everyone else. Our innermost feelings are often subject to patterns of subconscious beliefs and we gloss over them as we think and move and go about our outer life. They become the back-stage workers, but they work to rule. Abundance and love are strongly connected. In fact they are inseparable.

We are not arguing the purity of love here, only the force of it.  In this subject, as in all others, know yourself!

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Monday, 12 August 2019

JUPITER IN SAGITTARIUS .... its final stages - sealing plans & clinching deals.

Jupiter grips its own sign of Sagittarius on 13th November 2018, a few days before Mercury retrogrades in the same sign for three weeks.  Mercury, loving to act as a herald to the larger planets, swept into the fiery confines of Sagittarius at the start of November and brought the flourish and the panache to all things Sagittarian: showmanship, optimistic speculation, pleasure, extravagance and adventure. Of course we modify the effects to suit the particular circumstance of issues, of which there will be many, both individual and collective. Mercury joins the dots and collates the numbers and calls the willing to the table..And then when Jupiter graces the confines of its own terrain any modesty or undue modification goes out of the window. Jupiter likes to write large. It likes to magnify, multiply and embellish whatever it finds, taking refuge in its own vibration of Sagittarius.

So until Jupiter leaves to enter Capricorn, next December, there is an upbeat note and a feeling of unexpected excess in lots of places – even those which lack the means to supply it. When Jupiter is in Sagittarius there is always a better feeling around the place, a dawning of hope where there has been the lack of any, (and while Jupiter transited Scorpio there was certainly a lack of hope for many, perhaps for us all in some aspects). But Jupiter/Sagittarius does not care for precedence. It is concerned only with expanding whatever brings joy through greater experience. It is generous, magnanimous and liberal to a fault. Only when angered does it fall short of the feel good vibe, and the thunder it creates rattles the very foundations of what it has helped to build or expand upon. The short Mercury transit which suddenly twists and turns and refuses to go further gives clues as to what issues and problems are likely to arouse those thunder clouds during the latter half of November. It is after that time that we see what it is within the main agenda that we need to push forward or take a gamble on in our little lives and in the big top itself. Jupiter in Sagittarius is extrovert and outgoing and embraces larger numbers rather than small crowds and ushers in momentous presentations and grandiose exhibits of how futures should look, or how we wish them to look.

From the 18th November to virtually the end of the month Jupiter will create a square to Mars in Pisces (which interestingly Jupiter used to rule before Neptune was given authority over the sign in the mid nineteenth century) and therein will lie the nub of many matters which without the forward thrusting energy of Jupiter would otherwise lie quivering in the shadows waiting for the opportunity to be addressed. Or lurking anonymously in the hope of being recognized. But Jupiter with its love of plain speech, and even plainer intention, will call a fanfare and bring the spotlight or the limelight to the very things which shirk from receiving it. Pisces and Sagittarius depict very different attitudes towards Jupiter which is how and why rulership was taken away from Pisces when the subtle and diaphanous Neptune appeared on the scene and better described the nature of the sign. But here in this hallowed two weeks we have some interesting juxtapositions or some complex private to public - and vice versa - dilemmas to sort out. Not all of us, it has to be said; many of us will witness the dilemmas of others close at hand. And some of us will feel that our more low key or obscured desires or aims can give us better satisfaction by the act of sharing or exposure to greater acknowledgement. Perhaps just because it is a relief to have things out in the open or to know that we have support in it all.

We need to be sure of where we want to go with these ventures and to tie them to viable means of progress or sustainable safe keeping in time for January when Neptune in its own sign of Pisces squares Jupiter for a four week period. The clash of these two titans happens twice in 2019: once in January when both planets are direct and again in September/October when Neptune is retrograde and backing away from the confrontation. But the time between the two squares – February to August - offers a period where the obvious should get friendly with the obscure. Or the display should reflect the reality of the intention. In short, if there is no harmony between what is proposed and vaunted and what is really possible then not only do plans fail but they take away the credibility which made them possible in the first place, and even the possibility of bringing them to the fore again. A lot rides on these two planetary influences within the chart of individuals and of nations and of collaborative ventures as a whole. The effects of two major planets in their own signs cannot be under-estimated.

Jupiter always does two laps in a twelve month cycle, retrograding for a good part of the year. Jupiter's first lap this time ends in the second week of April and the second lap commences in the second week of August. By the time Jupiter is ready to exit its own sign of Sagittarius in December it is possible to see what remains sustainable next to what was simply a nice idea or a flash in the pan. Jupiter through Sagittarius can show a lot of promise and opportunity and then leave without delivering, the new frontiers and vistas disappearing like smoke as Jupiter continues on its journey into Capricorn, where the acid tests have to be completed before things are maintained and are able to thrive.

Jupiter/Sagittarius effects us all differently because of the individualism of birth charts. But we all have Sagittarius present in our chart ruling some particular house and the transit Jupiter makes will show its effect somewhere in our lives. Jupiter/Sagittairus is either here today and gone tomorrow, or etching tradition through hallowed ground.  There is scarcely any in-between.  Jupiter in its own sign  is the entertaining guest at the dinner party, enthralling and captivating, but maybe never to be seen again once the taxi has left, if not accompanied by a stabilising influence or steadier set of conditions. 

By August it is apparent whether these are present and complicit in the plans, or whether the plans – as grandiose as they are – are unworkable and need to be rejigged.

Nail it soon or enjoy it and let it go! Make it water-tight or allow it to sink when the weight gets too heavy! Jupiter in Sagittarius is the ultimate teacher through wild and vast experience.

Wednesday, 31 July 2019

Mercury is direct again in Cancer today, speeding up by Friday: pulling away from lock-down emotional issues and fogginess of direction or personal security. It is In Leo by second week of August just as Jupiter goes direct once more in Sagittarius; contact of the right kind needed now before some issues get fast-tracked. 

Tuesday, 2 April 2019

Great Tarot for Polish Speakers

Nazywam się Otylia Wrzos i od wielu lat moją pasją jest Tarot i numerologia, dzięki któremu mogę pomagać ludziom w podejmowaniu właściwych dla nich decyzji. Każdy z nas bowiem jest ciekaw tego, co przyniesie mu los, czy wybory, jakich dokonuje, będą miały pozytywny wpływ na jego życie.

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Wednesday, 27 March 2019

URANUS FINALLY GRIPPING TAURUS UNTIL 2026.... consolidation & solid bases.

Uranus is the ruler of of Aquarius, and the planet of change, transformation and disruption, and is set to leave Aries on the 15th May 2018 after a seven year transit through the sign. Entering Taurus on the 16th it is somewhat static while it sits at nought degrees between the two signs, until it grips Taurus from the 5th June. Meantime, it simply takes a foray into its new home, beginning to retrograde in early August having only managed to make two degrees of Taurus. But it's enough to give tasters of what it can do in this Venusian earth sign. By the second week of November it’s back into late degrees Aries, going direct again in January and finally entering Taurus to stay in March 2019.

Uranus as a planetary influence is not to be under-estimated, no progress or evolution can take place without it. It ravages, tears and forces access into dimensions and areas a little further on, and does not care for the aftermath or the price. In Taurus it may demolish structure, standards and economy, simply to make way for the next epoch. And the bridge between eras or worlds from May 2018 to March 2019 was for the widening of what has to be brought into existence or salvaged, as well as for what has to be redistributed or disposed of along the way. In August last many of us decided finally whether to make radical and dynamic shifts of movement or whether to preserve what we know and expand on that.

In Taurus Uranus may bring its original quirky flair to the luxurious and the beneficial parts of life. Pursuing pleasure until it becomes pain, or abundance until it becomes loss: the reversals Uranus can create are well known to astrologers; rags to riches flavour is exerted in many of the aspectUranus makes with other heavier planets. Uranus is the slayer of serenity, the knave and the rascal, the interloper, the unexpected rescuer, the spectre at the feast, the fly in the ointment. It does not leave until there is change (or the chaos preceding it). It demands a shift in previous patterns. Uranus leaves no stone unturned. Impossible to make an omelette without breaking eggs … If Uranus in Aries was about new ideas and innovation then Uranus in Taurus is about the substance of these, the growth and fruition maintaining what has been primarily established as possible or necessary.  

Uranus as the revolutionary of the solar system keeps us moving, on our toes and reaching for what we need next in our journey to individuation.

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Thursday, 1 November 2018

VENUS RETROGRADE IN SCORPIO …. That irresistible force compelling us to something or some place or someone.

Venus (exoteric ruler of both Taurus and Libra) in one of her guises is known as the goddess of love and of sensuality .... Venus in Scorpio when retrograde takes us inwards to the theatre of our own sexuality or sensuality, to feel the reality of what and who we are in this respect. Venus-Scorpio in retrograde is one of the most powerfully passive movers in the system.

Retrograde in Scorpio Venus can transform this energy into that of Siren : a woman thought to be very beautiful but also dangerous. Venus is the attraction and Scorpio the danger. This aspect brings out the deeper urges in some females to play that part, the part of temptress or seductress against all odds. Or can lead the male to desire and connect with such a female, if the charts are aligned.  September to December this year are months when the goddess energy first of all rises, then falls out of sight, only to rise once more with the culmination of certain issues as they reach conclusions or vital stages of development. Venus rules also the arts, creativity and all things beautiful. That irresistible force compelling us to something or some place or someone. 

On the 5th October 18 Venus will retrograde in Scorpio until the 13th November. The planet of seduction, mystery and persuasion weaving her magic covertly in the dramas and scenarios already being overseen by Jupiter through Scorpio since last October. Jupiter is traditionally known as the 'Greater Benefic' and Venus the Lesser. This does not mean that everything these planets touch has benefit generally, but that most things they become involved with have increasing power for some people in some places in some situations. So in matters that Jupiter has already enlarged, Venus now weaves on smaller frameworks with tinier stitches with stealthier methods, toward the embellishment and irresistibility of scenarios and conditions that are dramatic, impressive or made of the kind of stuff which fill memories and minds for more than a few moments. Venus has been in Scorpio since the second week of September in straight forward direction, and those things she has touched are set to be taken to a different level, delayed perhaps, or put under greater scrutiny in ways which are not at first obvious until the weeks following the 13thNovember…. 

Jupiter (ruler of the flamboyant Sagittarius) is past master at presentation writ large. While Venus - subtle and nimble - working in this most charismatic and intense vibration of Scorpio, is liable to gain advantage by encrypting facts until such time as the right conditions appear in which de-coding and revelation are apt. Deflection and distraction is one of the many skills of Venus at her most artful. Taurus is the polar opposite sign of Scorpio, so Venus is swimming against the tide of her own sign or working contrary to her usual confident flow. In Scorpio she is the darker or more serious side of the goddess, shaded or disguised and traveling somewhat below the radar.

Always something tricky or deceptive about Venus in Scorpio, always something not quite on the surface but powerfully potent and obviously beneath.  It can also bring absence or the kind of isolation which is obscured and not to be discovered. Venus in this position in this sign works in the most mysterious or cunning of ways. 

Does this mean everyone subscribes to the effect … no! Does it mean we all fall prey to the effect?…. no! But it means we may see or hear evidence of it all around us without being in the direct line of its action. We may perhaps be party to sleight of hand, disappearing tricks or inexplicable about-faces and abrupt withdrawals from set agreements. 

Retrogrades bring a slowing of the energies concerned. So the need to be patient with complex and unresolvable issues is more than ever necessary. Investigation and research of the subtler kind often occurs when Venus is retrograde in Scorpio and often not the conventional sort but the kind that yields results from informal or unusual methods. Chicanery, cunning, cleverly orchestrated scams and arch deception are also an off-shoot of Venus retrograde in Scorpio. The last time Venus was retrograde in this sign was October and November of 2010 and in that year she was riding close to Mars in the same sign, unlike this year when Mars is in Aquarius. The difference this makes to the quality of the action is considerable - but not necessarily to the intention.

At the beginning of November Venus’s retrograde period takes her back into Libra, to review the overall plan and revisit the settings of the first week of September, putting two and two together more neatly perhaps. All this is compounded suddenly by Mercury retrograding in Sagittarius on the 13th December just as Venus goes direct in Libra and brings the jury back in, having weighed the evidence. Transparency and conclusions occur when Venus re-enters Scorpio in the first week of December and begins a straight forward transit once again. Light bulb moments and revelations long awaited begin to happen then. The curious is overtaken by the incredulous perhaps as December plays out and it may be January before the dust sheets are removed to reveal the condition of things. 

Venus in Scorpio retrograde shades and defies the glaring light of reason and veils transparency. Intelligence or realization has to be worked for and waited upon.

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