Monday 28 August 2023

ASTROLOGY IN BRIEF - resting planets & static issues


As Mercury continues its retrograde stint in Virgo, Mars enters Libra today (28th) and Uranus retrogrades in Taurus bringing the double-edge sword of ‘no surprises’  but the inability to stretch and move most main issues along as needed. Mercury forms a trine to Uranus which ebbs first week of September, and even in retrograde this can be disruptive or destructive. Uranus being the higher octave of Mercury the tension in some major concerns slackens, causing structure and fundamental agreement to wobble or collapse. Mars/Libra will attempt to bring in balance, probably by inclusion of sympathisers, supporters or those whose authority and judgment could be thought of as final. Whatever the issues - personal, collective or worldly - Saturn/Pisces' recent opposition to retrograde Mercury/Virgo has put a damper on morale or confidence on proceedings. It remains for Jupiter in Taurus to take the reign from Uranus now and bring genuine information and fact into a position of power before retrograding on the 4th September. 

The period between then and the 15th September is one of slump and passive tension - worse than hostile tension for souring the atmosphere. However, in multiple retrograde periods (when many planets are resting) much is happening beneath the surface, above the normal interaction and behind the scenes as we know them. October and November, when Saturn is at nought degrees Pisces and refusing to provide cement, much which is usually forbidden, taboo or barred from entry can become active, both in the physical and the conscious areas of life. 

In mid December Mercury rests again in Capricorn, going back into Sagittarius at Christmas: brave or tangential movement backed by resources begged, borrowed or stolen .. but movement nonetheless. Areas personal and trans-personala are then shifting gears in preparation for higher speed.

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