Thursday 22 June 2023

Jupiter in Taurus ... the nourishing garden of life ..

Many of us are ready to break free, to rehabilitate, to make life the exhilarating thing it once was before the world downturn in spirit and grace. Some of us are ready to just be content again, to take comfort in the things we are increasingly denied. Jupiter/Taurus is the duo for the job. If these things are to begin to happen they happen in the next year.

The square Jupiter makes to Pluto/Aquarius out to the second week of June gives indication of where and what we need to anchor or nail in the more individual sense, depending on our charts and various life scenarios. Whilst Pluto roams free at nought degrees Aquarius, Jupiter makes viable advances in Taurus. And as Pluto retrogrades back into Capricorn in the second week of June the final reminders to overhaul measures become apparent. 

Jupiter will have made a square to Mars/Leo at the start of June, followed closely by a square to Venus/Leo. So the utilities are then in place … fire, air and earth. Jupiter transits through earthy Taurus are never without benefit, even if they seem small; the generous Jupiter grants at least (at the very least) the right instructions to fruition, completion, or a swelling of necessary resources: Taurus does not believe in wasting the positive. Taurus loves to increase, to cultivate, to harness growth. Squares to the big ones, like Pluto, indicate where the dramas may unfold. And where the real power sources need to be kindled, or appeased or just kept in view ...

Agriculture, land, building, crops .. plus commodities we need (or think we deserve) to keep life from becoming bleak. Venus ruled Taurus loves to bestow and to accrue. Financial matters may teeter when Pluto and Jupiter wrangle in this initial battle in June, but by September when Jupiter retrogrades, it should be clear what has been sanctioned gracefully and what needs to be acquired by fair means or foul. 

Currently, Saturn in Pisces may be the gremlin to many a hopeful scheme - Saturn hates too much premature frivolity before it is due - but in December this will ease considerably as Saturn loops and enters Pisces for the second time and Jupiter again moves direct in an easier aspect than the one in June. If June is the warm up then December is the engine firing more healthily (or on the pessimistic side: begging for finer turning). Jupiter and Saturn are neck and neck in January and February of 2024. The inhibition this conjunction can bring is also the real assessment of how the garden grows.

Sun and Moon conjunct in Taurus in easy aspect to Mars/Cancer (on the 19th May) as Jupiter dawdles into Taurus, asks us to reap the best - despite the self doubts, sensitivities or criticisms; the dogged and the determined seize their chances while the optimists beat the odds.

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