Sunday 6 August 2017

Is it possible to be Peaceful & Passionate at the same time? ....

Neptune/Pisces and Uranus/Aries are truly alive and active by aspect in all our lives. And they are calling for disparate and separate forms of understanding: Pisces wants the easier ways to prevail while its ruler, Neptune, often disguises the harsher truths, pushing them under and making them harder to expose. Uranus is about exposure and revelation and transformation at any price and Aries, the sign in which it currently resides, is up-front, daring, provocative in calling forth what is necessary.
Neptune in Pisces is gentle, biddable, elusive .. ultimately yin. Uranus in Aries is impulsive, aggressive, reckless .. ultimately yang. They co-exist in our solar system and have effect in all our lives through our integrated birth chart. For some people it may be they are resonating to aspects of both planets simultaneously. So the frustration is incredible, because to remain passive while feeling driven to action is like the indescribable itches and buzzes in the limbs when overtired and trying to sleep.
It's almost nigh on impossible to be both peaceful and passionate at the same time. In a general way these are not mutually inclusive states conducive to everyday living without veering from one to the other in a hazy dance of differing mood which disturbs the equilibrium and the nervous system. So we win or lose. Depending on whether we have played the right card at the right time – inactive or pro-active! For some people the struggle is agony. If the natal chart is conflicted by Uranus/Neptune aspects then the tendency may be to passive aggression or to subtle mechanisms of behaviour which others label neurotic or unhealthy.
We can depend upon it; progress or failure is about knowing when to act and when to step aside. Passion or Peace. Maybe the two have to be interchangeable within a week or a day or even an hour. Maybe there is a middle way. There are most probably people reading this who know just how to cut it, and know the dynamic which balances the two states so as to be sustainable to human energetics. It's perhaps the next must-have stage of living - to conjure the duality of the light and the dark.
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