Monday 5 September 2016

Saturn in Sagittarius Squares Neptune in Pisces ..... time to examine the underlying or the under-layers ...

The square Saturn/Sagittarius is making to Neptune/Pisces out to the end of 2016 has a subtle effect. Maybe even insidious. Everything Neptune achieves is subtle, whilst Saturn likes it visible and solid. And so the fight goes underground. At first there will be half measures and then extremes kick in.  It may in some circumstances mean failure through neglect or indifference, and in other cases it will begin to dissolve the obstacles and problems previously preventing beneficial consolidation - this much depends on the individual situations or people in question. Saturn squaring Neptune undermines and usurps and can be very corrosive, and this may contribute eventually to the extremes to which Saturn/Sagittarius lends itself. But this aspectt can also allow for the silent solutions that are otherwise forbidden voice or space or permission.

It's a question of thoroughness, aptitude and respect. Saturn in Sagittarius draws in the reins, ropes in the stragglers and lines up the best of a wide selection. It is discernment amid passion, or rectitude over reckless fancy.

Whilst the Mercury retrograde motion in Virgo from 30th August to 22nd September will crunch the numbers, tumble dry the facts and highlight the seemingly trivial: aiding and supporting the process of bringing the lasting values or infrastructures to those places where they are badly needed and can be best used.

Short Video available on Youtube, click here.

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