Wednesday 17 September 2014

Cartouche Astrology - Business Outlook

The Full Moon in Pisces on the 8th opposes Sun/Virgo and calls for a more realistic or thorough look at facts/figures before more creative  expenditure is undertaken within various businesses. Mars leaves Scorpio and enters Sagittarius on the 14th and makes an uneasy alliance with Pluto/Capricorn.  This may create a push and pull tension within businesses waiting upon approval or license or policy of any kind to be decided.   This aspect - as it loosely connects with the Pluto & Uranus/Aries square extant over recent months and ongoing - sees industry or business in easier position to gain support or equity but struggling to keep pace with rival or competing lines.   The gambling industry  for e.g. is plagued by new policy making but many facets of it see a profit growth sprint as October turns into November.  Policy restrictions or new legislation upon many business areas is clearer by the 12th November and patterns of sustained growth should be laid by the 22nd November when the Sun  enters Capricorn.

The third and final Mercury retrograde motion in October affects commerce heavily affected by  government by-lines & banking restrictions.  And although the u-turns and twists have always to be watched during Mercury retrograde phases, the fact that Mercury slows in the fixed sign of Scorpio indicates that any sudden changes or fluctuations have possibly been flagged beforehand and are subject to anticipated safeguards already in place. The Mercury presence in Libra in September, joined by the Sun in the last week of the month, highlights Public Limited Company and share based organizations particularly, and calls for a settling of tension or splintering in the aforesaid tug of war atmosphere before the Sun meets Uranus/Aries in head-on opposition by the early days of October, so as to avoid or lessen clashes of opinion and uneven distribution of assets, time and effort.

Industries incrementing or seeing higher growth include ....

Horse Racing & Equestrian

Gambling, Gaming &amp Arcades

Female High End Fashion

Travel & Tour Operators 

Car Hire & Taxi Firms.

Private Education & Tutors

Dance Academies

Theatres & Entertainment Venues.

Update in October ....

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