Monday 19 November 2012

Interacting with the Weather ... a thought on hidden connections ..

Emotions are a form of energy; collectively and individually this planet is prone to evoking and using emotion. Evoking, because it's a planet of sentience and pain. Using, because the emotions to which we are all subject convert to an energy or a frequency that can be exploited for negative and positive reasons.

It is said that any alien intervention predominating from certain other dimensions is after one thing and one thing alone … the emission or transmission of negative emotion. Fear, anger, jealousy, grief … these are engendered by humanity as a whole and they permeate the atmosphere and eventually the stratosphere like a gas. The astral plane is said to be made of pure emotion. It has always been held as a tenet of Esoteric and occult wisdom that the astral plane is the effluence of all human emotion. Therefore the weather must be, to a large extent, a consequence of our emotion - another word for 'mood' - and it may explain why some places and parts of our globe are prone to more fierce weather conditions. Temperament and emotion and climate are not mutually exclusive! If the moon influences the tides and we understand as astrologers how the Moon is powerful within the influence of the planetary system at large and has a great deal of bearing on the emotions of human beings, then the weather and the emotions are connected in some rarified or obscure way of which the link has yet to be discovered.

The converse of this is the fact that for a lot of us when the weather is bright and the sky is light the mood (emotion) is more positive. Consider the condition known as s.a.d. (seasonal affective disorder) or lack of sunlight, and the depression which some people succumb to when afflicted. The body or the subtle bodies are sensitive to weather! So why then is not better understood that our collective emotion can have an effect on the weather.  At present we understand it only as one way: the weather has an effect on our mood or our emotion! But maybe our mood or emotion actually has an effect on the weather. And yes, we are aware of the fact that our weather might be tampered with from certain quarters, but that too is possible within this same equation.

In places where meditation is held in great esteem and practised regularly, experiments show that the general behavioural climate of the surroundings can be positively affected for a substantial radius by group meditation practiced over periods of time. This is similar to saying that the collective unconscious of the group – whether small or large – can have an effect on the particles or the subtle elements around us which make up the general climate in which we live and breathe.  If one is possible then the other is somewhere probable. It takes only a small quantum leap perhaps to see the connection between what we feel and how we vibrate and pulsate impacting upon static energy at a particular stage and being dynamic enough to trigger the elements. Another term for the weather!

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