Thursday 5 September 2013

Neptune Moving Back to Recoup from 21012 ....

On February 4th 2012 Neptune entered its own sign of Pisces. Neptune as a planet was first discovered in our solar system in 1846.  Its position was postulated at first because it was obscured behind Uranus. This obscurity or hidden position was held to be symptomatic of Neptune's veiled strength, its behind-the-scenes proclivities, its elusiveness and its formless, boundless and non-material nature.   Neptune has to do with acts of illusion, and also illusion itself.
As the sign it rules Pisces is key where it comes to the same kind of themes. If we live in a world of material illusion, then it begs the question of where the illusion starts and finishes. The question of what reality is in its basic nature is one of the big ones. Our world is increasingly made up of illusion or 'virtual reality' via computers, digital processes & other technology involved in making the unreal come to life. Will Neptune into Pisces carry the mystery of what reality is and is not to ultimate heights. Might it demonstrate for us or expose more of where the possibility of illusion can be taken ultimately. The laws of creation and the Causal Plane.

Pisces is noted for its dreamy quality, its deceptively deep nature. Although appearing often as a lighthearted and superficial type of energy it is actually enigmatic and given to dichotomy. Pisces Sun people are among the hardest to fathom and as the popular description has it, they are full of inner duality of direction and manner, like the two fish swimming in opposing direction in the glyph depicting their sign; they are either given to the mysteries of the universe or to trying to apply formless rules to the practical world in which they live. For this reason Pisces can be utterly creative, or very destructively negative. Often Pisces influence is less than practical and struggles with the need for logic, order and conformity.
In the general sense, since the extra Saturnine planets act like a vehicle for mankind as a whole and play a serious part in our collective evolution, the effects of Neptune/Pisces will really start to bite from March to May but will then back off as the planet retrogrades, and as 2013 comes in will take a serious hold on our psyche.
Since Neptune rules altered states of consciousness, the unconscious and comatose states, we can only hazard at what effects individually will be and where that will impact on the collective or society as a whole. It will take approximately thirteen years for Neptune to finish its journey through its own sign, but like all the slow moving outer planets it will thoroughly make its mark.
It will most probably test the tenets the Age of Pisces brought over the last 2,000 years and see if the legacy is worthy of having.
Neptune rules: anaesthesia, narcotics, addiction, memory, hypnotic states, mediumship, fears and phobias, loss of all kinds, the distant past, illusions, delusions, disappearances, idealism, magic acts, mystics, meditation, nebulous states, invisible factors, the unconscious and the ocean depth.... and probably umpteen other things we have for gotten about.
In Pisces, Neptune is at home, so Pisces people will feel that some (not all) of their favourite subjects and predispositions are ones that become key within society's thinking .... spirituality, the thorny subject of altered states of consciousness and yes, the big one .. death itself! They may not parade the fact but Pisces are quite often quietly confident that the transitional state between physical and non-physical is just that - a change of energy or vibration into something else. Pisces rules the twelfth house of the wheel, the other worldly and that which cannot be quantified or even properly construed.
More and more will be talked and learned of unconscious states and new dimensions over the next thirteen years, which will alter the way we treat death and the way it is viewed, in the clinical and the religious sense. Hopefully death might lose its sting.
There are two zodiac signs which historically concern themselves with the after-state (or death) more than other vibrations – Scorpio and Pisces. Both in differing ways. In an astrological convention once in the U.K. I remember listening to various Pisces Sun people of mixed ages talking about how they randomly and calmly visualized their own deaths and fantasized about their own funerals.  Not in a morbid sense, but in a sense of natural acceptance and curiosity.  Whereas Scorpio is more fascinated with the clinical side of death and the modus operandi. Pisces, it could be said, loves the aesthetics while Scorpio loves the mechanics.
The very height of the Spiritual revolution and its thrust into mainstream society was the doing mainly of the Victorians. The Victorians loved all that stuff - seances, psychic investigations, exploring the occult etc. And the appearance of Neptune in the solar system was synonymous with it. Or was it the other way round? the fact that these sort of questions were being asked by a great deal of mankind necessitated the energy and therefore the appearance of Neptune! This is the kind of thing we can never rule out astrologically and cosmologically.
Quantum theory may now be the new religion but it is just as mysterious to laymen as the religions of old. Major difference being that it can be questioned and scorned without fear of reprisals, which wasn't the case in the days when religion dictated to both science and philosophy.
The effects of Pisces/Neptune are yet to be seen and felt. We can only make observations of the planet in its sign as the time and the influence move through. It might be too out of-this-world or sublime – which is the very nature of Pisces - that we actually do not understand it.
As well as virulent idealism Neptune rules fears or phobias, so maybe we will be made to take a different look at some of these, and maybe people will find new ways to deal with them.
Will we be less fearful under Neptune/Pisces or more fearful? We will have to examine the nature of fear itself perhaps, rather than the symptom or the object of the fear, as the next ten years or so elapses?
Below are some of the possible effects of Neptune by house within the birth chart:
1st House: Impractical ideals or unreachable aims.
2nd “ Predisposition to defrauding, obfuscating, or being prey to these things.
3rd “ Loneliness, reclusiveness, fears of everyday living or denial of its importance.
4th “ Lack of stable home surroundings, fear of being isolated.
5th “ Idealism in love matters, romanticism, creative need to look back.
6th “ lack of vocation, addiction to habits, loss of loyalty.
7th “ Fear of commitment, lack caused by partnership.
8th “ Money problems, instability within intimacy, deep fear of dying.
9th “ Mysticism, loneliness away from origins.
10th “ No stable career, creative endeavours for money, loss of goodwill
11th “ Lifestyle gaps, associations that bring negative reputation.
12th “ Mediumship, heightened intuition, isolation, unknown fears.

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