Monday 13 July 2009

The Difference Between Astrology & Mediumship ....

Astrology, despite being centred in the wider universe, is different in principle and practice to mediumship.  And many people confuse the two. Essentially, astrology deals with the physical universe whilst mediumship deals with the non-physical.  Many astrologers are psychic and they may also be mediums, and many mediums may also be astrologers - practitioners might blend or use both - but the application of the two things come from separate angles using different rules.  Occasionally astrologers and mediums arrive at similar conclusions or insights, from the source of information known as the Akashic Records. Possibly both astrologers and mediums will pass through this when focusing their mind or higher mental on some specific with the intention of ‘knowing’.  

The Akashic is perhaps the epicentre of transferring information from the unknown into the known.  But where mediums will give credence for what they know to beings or guides, astrologers use calculations and planetary  definitions from mathematical tables to reach their main conclusions. Each branch of metaphysics must respect another's field of work, but the access points to higher knowledge or information should be better understood as far as theory goes  The main purpose of mediumship is to manifest evidence of the existence of life continued beyond the physical plane, and the purpose of astrology is to understand the energies of the solar system influencing life on the physical plane.   

Whilst it is true that within the esoteric practises it’s the singer not the song, most astrologers will be able to follow a collective score,so to speak (even if they disagree about interpretation). While mediums are not subject to that restraint, and may individually differ in what or who they channel on any one matter or subject.  They can be autonomously separate within the source of knowledge or the hierarchy of what or who is seeking expression through them.  The British Astrological Psychic Society (B.A.P.S.) was formed more than thirty years ago to progress astrological study beyond the dogma deterring intuitive astrological work and insisting on very regimented mathematical astrology.  Most astrologers will readily agree that it has happened successfully.  But the distinction between mediumship and astrology remains a very real one.

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