Tuesday, 26 July 2022

Dream Symbols in the ComingTimes (Pod 2)


Talking about how the unconscious attempts to nudge the conscious mind via dreams, synchronicity and symbols. And the awakening of humankind nourished by individual dreams and deeper understanding of collective and individual consciousness.

Pod 2 of a 3 pod series

Sunday, 15 May 2022

ASTROLOGY IN BRIEF - Jupiter-Mars/Aries - the tough get going

On 17th May Jupiter begins to grip Aries until the end of July when it retrogrades and reprises the track, going back into Pisces for the last two months of the year for reflection on things left behind and responses to what has been newly laid. Aries is competitive, combative and thoroughly concerned with advancement or progress.  The full transit of Jupiter/Aries will begin in January 23, so what is happening currently is the trail-blazing or the trial run - or even the abortive attempts - of some processes and new starts. Whether in large or more modest matters, the Jupiter/Aries partnership cannot but take things to a different level or point of instigation. Outgoing, risk-taking and ambitious, Jupiter in Aries hates to be held back by petty fogging restriction, niggling clauses or people who cannot get off the fence.

When Mars joins Jupiter from the 26th May to the 4th July it will be in its own sign of Aries - adding the impetus and drive to what is underway. Venus too is in Aries and exits again in the last three days of May. The motto here, with the influence of these three planets in the vibe of the ram, is 'do what you feel comfortable with' or 'what you can reasonably get away with' whilst the force of Aries is on the side of who-dares-wins. When Venus enters Taurus on the 28th May the yield is apparent - if not yet available until Mars has overseen the full production by the third week of August and ripped the final tears in old barriers into holes and access gaps curtesy of its conjunction with Uranus.

Tuesday, 5 April 2022

''Dream On' Pod 3 in the series ... symbol meanings & the interpretation.


Pod 3 in the series : the meaning of symbols in dreams and 

how they may reveal the individual’s  

concerns and paths in outer life. How the role of the 

‘collective unconscious’ and the ‘personal unconscious’ is 

connecting us to higher energies.

Tuesday, 8 February 2022

The Importance of Dreaming .. (Pod 1 of a 3 pod series))

As we enter into unprecedented times it becomes more important for us to connect with our deeper consciousness and the flow between left and right hand brain. To encourage our individualism to nourish our soul, when there is an onslaught against the soul of humankind by forces beyond control. The connection between soul and mortal existence is continual but we lose sight of it often in this increasingly technocratic world. There is a wealth of nourishment in our arcane knowledge, both individually and collectively. Dream's and the symbols they offer are a right of passage, a portal to higher vibration and Source energy. Guiding, healing & inspiring, offering insight to physical and spiritual life.


Thursday, 18 November 2021

(podcast) Jupiter in Aquarius : the freeze & the flow.

In this extract Lyn Shea and Peter Wakefield talk more about the two major planets in Aquarius, this time with the emphasis on Jupiter when combined with Saturn. The meltdowns after freezing, the consolidating forces at play during retrograde and direct motions. Social integration, active intelligence and the influence overall while Jupiter transits until the end of 2021.

Saturday, 23 October 2021

Sunday, 19 September 2021

URANUS GRIPPING TAURUS UNTIL 2026.... consolidation and solid bases.

Uranus is the ruler of of Aquarius, and the planet of change, transformation and disruption, and is set to leave Aries on the 15th May 2018 after a seven year transit through the sign. Entering Taurus on the 16th it is somewhat static while it sits at nought degrees between the two signs, until it grips Taurus from the 5th June. Meantime, it simply takes a foray into its new home, beginning to retrograde in early August having only managed to make two degrees of Taurus. But it's enough to give tasters of what it can do in this Venusian earth sign. By the second week of November it’s back into late degrees Aries, going direct again in January and finally entering Taurus to stay in March 2019.

Uranus as a planetary influence is not to be under-estimated, no progress or evolution can take place without it. It ravages, tears and forces access into dimensions and areas a little further on, and does not care for the aftermath or the price. In Taurus it may demolish structure, standards and economy, simply to make way for the next epoch. And the bridge between eras or worlds from May 2018 to March 2019 was for the widening of what has to be brought into existence or salvaged, as well as for what has to be redistributed or disposed of along the way. In August last many of us decided finally whether to make radical and dynamic shifts of movement or whether to preserve what we know and expand on that.

In Taurus Uranus may bring its original quirky flair to the luxurious and the beneficial parts of life. Pursuing pleasure until it becomes pain, or abundance until it becomes loss: the reversals Uranus can create are well known to astrologers; rags to riches flavour is exerted in many of the aspectUranus makes with other heavier planets. Uranus is the slayer of serenity, the knave and the rascal, the interloper, the unexpected rescuer, the spectre at the feast, the fly in the ointment. It does not leave until there is change (or the chaos preceding it). It demands a shift in previous patterns. Uranus leaves no stone unturned. Impossible to make an omelette without breaking eggs … If Uranus in Aries was about new ideas and innovation then Uranus in Taurus is about the substance of these, the growth and fruition maintaining what has been primarily established as possible or necessary.  

Uranus as the revolutionary of the solar system keeps us moving, on our toes and reaching for what we need next in our journey to individuation.

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