Sunday 16 June 2024


O mio babbino caro ...

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY U.K .. to dads, step-dads, foster dads, dads-in-law and father figures everywhere... Have great day!

Thursday 13 June 2024


Sun and Mercury conjunct in Gemini until Saturday today square Moon/Virgo. Venus is in the mix, so some grace or leeway given in hasty rush for perfect completions or pressing deadlines.Too much choice perhaps, without direction ..  and too many cooks.. But the finer details, if left undone, cause anomalies and misunderstandings by start of next week. 

Thursday 6 June 2024

Everything in Gemini - branch roads & about turns

Moon/Gemini conjunct Sun today (6th) is with Venus. While Mercury and Jupiter are also conjunct in Gemini.  The branch roads, about turns and diversifications may be overwhelming but the time for change and re-direct is now. The square made by Saturn/Pisces can render clarity difficult and obscure the long-term picture. But Mars/Aries moves intrepidly towards Taurus by Sunday and promises more stability or foundation next week. Neptune in late stages Pisces can not be ignored in its last stages of deepening some previous gulfs and voids of connectivity as all-or-nothing struggles reach pivotal stages.  Pluto resting in Aquarius is mindful of new boundaries and landing stages and awaits opportunities to firmer grip on unfinished business (personal and otherwise) and wasted opportunity, as it moves back to Capricorn for the last time by September. The limbo state for many is a chance - before the retrograding of Mars in November - to re-launch, re-think, and reinstate what may have been abandoned too early.   

Saturday 1 June 2024


Jupiter gripping Gemini now and trining Pluto/Aquarius. Highlighting divisions and blocking some communication facilities. Moon/Aries today begs new tactics or channels. Mercury enters Gemini on Monday to offer wider options as Pluto turns retrograde on Sunday (2nd) and releases many tensions and tight holds on situations.

Tuesday 28 May 2024


MoonAquarius opposes Sun/Gemini and Venus today (28th) as things take on a widened perspective.Tensions exist with untried experiences which urge a new or different approach. But the landscape is clearer from tomorrow. Not a time for the worriers or the overly stressed to move their chosen boundaries. Mercury/Taurus moving to Uranus by Friday decides who and what can sustain the process or stem the flow when needed, in most crucial situations.

Friday 24 May 2024


Full Moon in Sagittarius (flower moon) opposed Sun/Gemini yesterday and sits well with Pluto/Aquarius. Highlighting serious intentions, the more heart-felt the better. Venus enters Gemini today (24th) and cautions against too much intensity or eagerness where informed persuasion and wider perspective will have greater impact. Compulsions tend to get out of hand and overly ambitious strategies can go off at a tangent. Graded or gradual steps have greater appeal, and room left for discussion is paramount.

Tuesday 21 May 2024


The Sun has entered Gemini today  (21st) and the Moon is in Scorpio, as Mars continues to trawl through middle degrees Aries. A lot of tricky and smart manoeuvres from behind as some plans move forward with geniality and confidence. The ability to access normally obscured and crucial information is second -tonone for those with flexible thought and expression. Mercury and Venus give a stability relying on goodwill and trust and entering a proving stage by second week of June, when Jupiter/Gemini begins to show options not at present apparent.