Friday, 9 June 2023

Cartouche Explained - Insight by Icon graphics ...


Cartouche - Unique & Original Insight by Icon Graphs @

A Personal secure service .... a non-invasive self-help technique … a guide to life evolvement - NOT a form of fortune telling. An intelligent highly sensitive interaction system requiring only your device and your ability to focus for several minutes.

Cartouche offers unique insight and information on life issues and concerns. It is not a standard tarot card platform; it is written with the aim of helping people understand their inner selves and sync proposed moves and strategies with the outer scheme of life. Designed on similar lines to the I Ching, it enables free will and self expression to move into the flow of the immediate future. The inner world dictates the outer world, and the outer world is a reflection of what the inner world has focused on and created.

Each spread is shuffled on your screen from cards applicable to the subject in mind ... the cards are generated on the server by your own choice using the mouse, so the placements of the cards is not generic. The readings are determined only by the type of cards available - these being relevant to the subject matter within the spread you choose, then- by the interpretation of cards in certain positions.

Your own private database is created automatically after the first reading, so you can manage, re-read and delete as required. All readings have a 6 month expiry date.

Spreads are sold singly or in bundles - at economical prices - making them accessible to all income groups.

There are 12 spreads to choose from .. work, health, relocation, relationships etc. see the range on the website. ...

Also Included is the evolutionary Tarot-for-Two which allows two people to select cards on different screens in any part of the world .. or in the same room. This is designed to allow feelings and inner thoughts to be expressed without the need for words. It is a technique which proves entertaining or enlightening. Not for the squeamish, it brings a new and dynamic angle to the field of personal interaction.

Written on the same principles as the I Ching, the spreads are created to combine your inner world with the possibilities in the outer scheme or physical dimension. The movement and meaning of the material plane (3d) we live in is changeless and yet we are forever changing within it .. we are a reflection of what we are thinking and perceiving and believing. It reflects us and gives back to us the wisdom contained in earthly experience which are forever echoing time, space and human consciousness.

It is vital to concentrate and reflect on the issue concerned before going into a reading. In this it differs radically from the ordinary tarot reading. Your mood or approach of the moment will to a large extent influence what you choose. And what you choose will be always accurate to where you are and what you are thinking at deeper levels. 


Your life is worth deep moments of reflection - moments change futures. Presence in the moment honoured by silence is priceless.

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Wednesday, 7 June 2023


Moon/Aquarius in a T-square with Venus & Mars/Leo & Jupiter/Taurus today: no right or wrong answers in the short term if determination defines the issue; more a case of watching the space and thinking as it unfolds.

Sunday, 4 June 2023


Today’s Full Moon in Sagittarius (4th) forms a t-square to Neptune/Pisces & Venus/Cancer. Some unfounded info will bolster energy or motivation, whilst more extreme theories serve to inspire greater curiosity or investigation. Escapism is one way of seeing it, but denial is difficult to manage.

Sunday, 28 May 2023

Self Definition, Illusion & Straighter Roads

Our self definition is often an illusion. That illusion is reflected back at us by the society we live in. When that society recedes or we are kept apart from it, the illusions we hold get to be questioned. Our Self Definition modifies and adjusts as we move. If it does not, we may be stuck or mistaken .. or worse still self deluded.

There is more than one reason why anything - anything at all - happens. There is more than one conclusion to be drawn. Stuff happens because it can happen. Karma has a wide highway, predestination is limited to a map. Materially, mentally, emotionally.

The energy we receive and radiate outwards is aligned with the definition and the illusion we hold. Often the illusion or definition is forced upon us, by circumstances and other 3 dimensional pressures. The energy changes as the illusions we perceive crumble or no longer serve our needs.

Within this time on our planet there is a massive awakening, the push to a massive shift of energy to a higher vibration. That is the only way we survive or progress. Wars, disease, economic volatility .. these are all something wrought by the collective unconscious upon the collective consciousness. It matters not what we call the underlying cause .. virus, government, economics. The shift happens because there is implosion from the wrong energy or the wrong frequency.

Sustaining our integrity or our self belief relies on being able to shift our illusions, and therefore the illusions we believe others have of us. In the sum total it is only our union with ourselves and our higher frequencies which bring us restoration or harmony: the continuum within the whole. At periods of great consternation or upheaval we change radically or fundamentally from within. Necessitated by triggers from without. The inner world influences the outer world. 
The world is an illusion, the material realm is based on illusion .. it is not permanent. We pass through it, and we do so on waves of energy resonating with our own frequency. We change the frequency and we change the rate of movement. It is regulated by vision or mind.

Higher vibration or frequency is attained through better visioning, stronger objective, continued mind expansion. Our self definition ultimately changes our direction. If we are on a straight road to nowhere, our search for new definition will curve the road accordingly and we may call it trauma or be lost in a wilderness. The reappraisal of the self definition to where we want to be - irrespective of cost or fear or outside opinion - offers the next clear highway.

Saturday, 20 May 2023

Jupiter in Taurus ... the nourishing garden of life ..

Many of us are ready to break free, to rehabilitate, to make life the exhilarating thing it once was before the world downturn in spirit and grace. Some of us are ready to just be content again, to take comfort in the things we are increasingly denied. Jupiter/Taurus is the duo for the job. If these things are to begin to happen they happen in the next year.

The square Jupiter makes to Pluto/Aquarius out to the second week of June gives indication of where and what we need to anchor or nail in the more individual sense, depending on our charts and various life scenarios. Whilst Pluto roams free at nought degrees Aquarius, Jupiter makes viable advances in Taurus. And as Pluto retrogrades back into Capricorn in the second week of June the final reminders to overhaul measures become apparent. 

Jupiter will have made a square to Mars/Leo at the start of June, followed closely by a square to Venus/Leo. So the utilities are then in place … fire, air and earth. Jupiter transits through earthy Taurus are never without benefit, even if they seem small; the generous Jupiter grants at least (at the very least) the right instructions to fruition, completion, or a swelling of necessary resources: Taurus does not believe in wasting the positive. Taurus loves to increase, to cultivate, to harness growth. Squares to the big ones, like Pluto, indicate where the dramas may unfold. And where the real power sources need to be kindled, or appeased or just kept in view ...

Agriculture, land, building, crops .. plus commodities we need (or think we deserve) to keep life from becoming bleak. Venus ruled Taurus loves to bestow and to accrue. Financial matters may teeter when Pluto and Jupiter wrangle in this initial battle in June, but by September when Jupiter retrogrades, it should be clear what has been sanctioned gracefully and what needs to be acquired by fair means or foul. 

Currently, Saturn in Pisces may be the gremlin to many a hopeful scheme - Saturn hates too much premature frivolity before it is due - but in December this will ease considerably as Saturn loops and enters Pisces for the second time and Jupiter again moves direct in an easier aspect than the one in June. If June is the warm up then December is the engine firing more healthily (or on the pessimistic side: begging for finer turning). Jupiter and Saturn are neck and neck in January and February of 2024. The inhibition this conjunction can bring is also the real assessment of how the garden grows.

Sun and Moon conjunct in Taurus in easy aspect to Mars/Cancer (on the 19th May) as Jupiter dawdles into Taurus, asks us to reap the best - despite the self doubts, sensitivities or criticisms; the dogged and the determined seize their chances while the optimists beat the odds.

Sunday, 19 February 2023

Mars in Gemini long haul : breathing space & multi-layered activity

The long transit of Mars in Gemini - August 22 to March 23 ends in the last week of March.

At many levels Mars through Gemini has activated or developed the issues of last May/June when Mercury retrograded in Gemini. Mercury heralds before Mars enters. So those same issues are the ones Mars/Gemini is now attempting to work with. True to the nature and element of Gemini this is very much a time of expanded connection or widening of the theme. Also a time of reconciling things which threaten to split or tear apart under the pressure of unresolved ambiguity or tension .. 

Mars transiting this sign is fond of introducing an arbitrator or outside agent to play devil’s advocate or to adjudicate. The presence of Mars in Gemini tends to invite the cuckoo in the nest, and loves to hover over situations for as long as interest remains (interest is a key ingredient for Gemini) Often the recipient of bad press for its various out-of-sync actions and behaviours, there is however no doubting the invaluable skill of Gemini for reaching the corners and bringing together the remote points in the most objective and egalitarian of ways - often leaving the amalgamating process to others.

Gemini is often the greatest imitator but can, when choosing to, innovate skilfully what it is reprising. The social and business motivator, this vibration of Mars/Gemini famously loves to cover ground; it urges the living of life ‘on the move’ or ‘on the wing’ and invites all who can navigate multi-layered action or intention to join a crusade for better lines of communication prior to freer direction, or positioning.

For sure, in all complex situations the disparities and anomalies have to be highlighted before they can be examined and tackled, but the seams come together more easily when matters are unpicked, re-threaded or viewed objectively. The brunt of this work was laid out by November 22 - in personal and other issues - and it's between January and May this year when lines of durability or purpose are tested.

Those of us (of any sign) with distance associations or affiliations and decisions about closing gaps may have been pushed to reflect in November and December last when Jupiter re-entered Aries, until May. Going again to what was threatening or unknowable last year might be one of the trickier processes involved. Though the period of January and early February 23 gives breathing space and room to turn some large or past planning around. Sailing straight is the key - not backing and fro-ing between disparate parties or ideas. 

The long transit of Mars/Gemini is an arduous journey for many, because choice is always given with Gemini and pushed centre stage by Mars. Offers too-good-to-be-true may be a recurring theme. Though sometimes life gives exactly what it says on the tin. 

Trial through choice is a facet of growth and is life affirming. The more confident and forward find this Mars/Gemini period irresistible in terms of experiment and discovery. Whilst the reticent and the fence-sitters are pushed face-to-face with what can no longer be avoided.  

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Thursday, 16 February 2023


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