Sunday, 17 October 2021

ASTROLOGY IN BRIEF ... Jupiter & Mercury direct open the floodgates ...


Jupiter is now direct again in Aquarius as Mercury goes direct in Libra the day after, 18th October. The floodgates open for movement on matters inhibited or postponed since mid June. Progress away from a corral or circular enclosure - extant since February this year - is inevitable in different ways. Whether the issues are personal or collective the way forward is in view. Saturn gives the grip and the consolidation now as Jupier oversees the enlargement of the facts and the motion of the whole. It is true to say that nothing much gains speed until the end of October, and Mars still in Libra is concerned with the balancing, and to some extent the protocol of issues based on what has gone before. 

We are impatient with delays and static over the last couple of years, we want to see result and resolution and advancement, so in many ways any change is better than none. But as Mars levels with Jupiter in the third week of October the danger is of overbalancing the vehicle while gaining momentum too swiftly; certain plans risk collapse from precipitous or unwise leaps which are unsustainable without the gravitas which keeps the wheels on the track.

November sees Mars in Scorpio for the whole month and then the underlying causes - preventing good effect - can be tweaked, and in some cases recognised for the first time. The Sun in Scorpio at the end of October and forming an easy aspect with Saturn gives a silent or unexpected support to some of the more radical shifts in previous immovable problems, small and personal or large and worldly. Mercury is not done evening the parts and the players until the first week of November and the keynote then is careful release of knowledge and circumspect dealings in preparation for a quickening of pace once Mars enters Sagittarius in the second week of December, just as Venus becomes stationery in the pedantic and often exacting vibe of Capricorn. 

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