Monday, 27 September 2021

Mercury Retrograde in Libra .... those fragile scales.

Mercury is now retrograde in Libra until the 18th October …. The scales tipping and the balance of many issues distsurbed (more than usual). In the midst of a turbulent year and chaotic times, the non-movement of the tiny dynamic planet unsettles the onward progress more than a little. With Mars also present in Libra until the end of October, the question is one of how negotiations can be expected to reach conclusion and how agreements can be expected to hold up. When Jupiter and Saturn both go direct by mid October the engine revs and the motion grips the tracks, and the only question is the quality of what is being carried. (See our podcasts on Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius on Youtube. The thing that rocks any balance - both in small and large concerns of all types - is that of loyalty. Not a million miles away from the famous condition of treachery in terms of pivotal qualities, the jury is out during the next three weeks on issues pertaining to logistics, distribution and legal or policy matters requiring legislation, sanction or validation. Not a time to dice with unknown gambits or groundbreaking sanctions. Or even with the smooth running of private future schedules. 

As Mars enters Scorpio in November the acid tests are either revealing tenable structures or scrabbling frantically to make questionable results appear acceptable. Those with much to hide try to fudge below the radar. While those with much to lose, but with right on their side, should know how to keep their powder dry ... at least until mid December when Mars begins to transit the all embracing and effusive vibration of Sagittarius, where nothing is hidden and little is inexplicable.

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