Sunday, 18 July 2021



As Jupiter lands back at nought degrees Pisces and hovers between Pisces and Aquarius again, it does so with the intent of reprising or re-framing the situation in mid May. That vaccus feeling of not being anywhere in particular can descend in clouds of inactivity and inertia to any of us. So too can the lack of focus which brings dithering confusion or lack of incentive, heralding wrong moves or inertia. On the plus side Mars and Venus are in Leo and have challenged Saturn by opposition, which by now should show where the firmer ground for personal position and goodwill lies. Now may be the chance to see that the
vague or illusory of that mid May period is in fact a glimpse into future potential, without commitment or pressure, if the tools offered in April and May for implementing the smaller seeds or beginnings are utilized with skilful precision from the start of August through to January next. Re-tracking on the graphic grid or the mundane basics and making room for the innovative or the revised way - until mid October allows things to progress in one cohesive direction after that. 

We all conduct our mini revolutions in our own style, and in our own time. If we do not, the potential to growth and change within us lies stagnant. Time now for independent thought to conquer collective oppression or fear, and this is not an outer world process but an inner world radius of unstoppable silent energy fusing the whole. 

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