Friday, 4 June 2021


Mercury retrograde in Gemini - perhaps the most confounding and confusing of aspects - is square Neptune/Pisces 4th & 5th June. Danger of getting lost ... in the locational or circumstantial sense, or the mists of time. Loss of focus, loss of grounding, loss of …. just about anything. The mystification, rabbit holes and general tangents happening at this time have repercussions stretching to the first few days of July - possibly getting more manageable when Mercury is direct again after 22nd June.

Meantime, it's hard to keep centred, balanced or on track. Mental energies and psychological moods have a wayward tendency - to even the most pragmatic and sensible of folk. The positives are rare and nuanced; people with an interest in archiving or research strike gold in possible rare finds. The rest of us struggle to make it to the end of the day without floundering in muddles (our own or that of others) and with seeing light at the end of the tunnel. If memory (in the nostalgic sense) takes over then best to let it have its moment. Memory has a necessary filing system and now and then it needs to be ordered, getting it out to sort it is no bad thing, unless driving or operating machinery. In the midst of one of the most disconcerting and uncertain periods of mankind's modern history, Mercury in this placing and jogging with Neptune (ruler of the subtle and elusive) tells us not to be hard on ourselves, but to allow the flow to flow. Especially with Jupiter in first couple of degrees of Pisces. Mars entering Leo on the 12th June and opposing Saturn/Aquarius by the start of July begins to sort fact from fiction, or the fantasies from the potential.

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