Monday, 5 April 2021

Jupiter in Aquarius-Pisces 2021 ... Merging two different informational types.

Jupiter currently transiting Aquarius is doing one of its quick full transits - it completes a full cycle by May this year when it enters Pisces briefly, before retrograding in mid June and going back into the last degrees of Aquarius by the end of July and then moving direct from the middle of October and entering Pisces in January 2022.

The information swapping process between Aquarius and Pisces is one which marks two very different kinds of thought and motion. The factual and logical Aquarius and the instinctive and creative Pisces have to some extent to merge so that order and progress can be made. What does not translate as automatic (or instinctive) data or intelligence tends to become subject to overwhelm (or dissolution) when Jupiter enters Pisces for its full transit next January. The graphically detailed rules or framework for new policy as heralded by Aquarius, or the more obscure and de-regimented systems of Pisces. In small or large ways - in personal or transpersonal ways - the messages and syphors are being made clear as Mercury swirls about in Aquarius from the last two days of January to the 20th February.

The Mercury retrograde motion in Aquarius tends to highlight the delays, conflicts and calls for information shifting or sifting that might help avoid (or make more efficient) the unknown and new chapters of activity enforced by unparalleled changes or overhauls of living in numerous compartments and categories. Aquarius famously loves to innovate, rejuvenate, reform and go for revolutionary ideas of thought and development. While Pisces famously loves the familiar, nostalgia for the past and for that which is least troublesome and most kind. Efficiency versus compassion. Or self- sufficiency versus dependency. Various ways of life have sprung free for individuals to re-thread or re-shape to new lines. It begs the input of the individual and often comes after an epiphany within perceived loyalties or allegiance.

Aquarius also rules the ancient, as well as the startlingly new or avant garde. It syncs somewhat with Pisces in that it respects that which is timeless, unchanging, or deserving of provenance. It reveres the old for reasons of efficiency, while Pisces reveres the old for sacred reasons. Both take interest in immortality and preservation, coming to the point from different directions and with differing motives.

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