Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Life - the Imperfect Venture

Sometimes we confuse progress with ease!  Just because the result of something is rough or difficult or contrary to requirements doesn't mean the move towards it was wrong.

If we are laying carpet, putting up wallpaper, fitting a piece of piping ... we don't always get it right first off.  We amend, modify and alter.  Life moves are similar.  They are not perfect in one go.  They are seldom even pictured overall in one go.  Few people have the vision and the clarity to see things in great and finer detail - those who do are usually more successful.

Life at best is a patchwork.  A piece of work, a work in progress. And the main problem is that life as it happens gets in the way.  Life is unfolding and does not wait for us, and if we wait for it we are almost doomed to never leave the starting blocks.

We must act and then wait, and then act again or re-enact. Sometimes we can only react, and sometimes we can only interact.  Change and pace. Sensing and moving and developing.

Life is not a perfect venture and never will be.

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