Saturday, 26 September 2015

Mercury Retrograde - 18th September to 11th October ....

The retrograde motion of Mercury in Libra is the third and final one for 2015. This planet always causes some more than usual mayhem, confusion or delay whenever it is retrograde and this year all its retrograde motions have been in air signs …. firstly in Aquarius in January, then in Gemini in June and finally this one to run from 23rd September to 11th October in Libra.

Libra - the most sensitive of all the air signs - is concerned with balance and the pursuit of it, physically, emotionally, mentally, or all three. So it goes without saying that the disturbances caused by Mercury twisting and turning in this sign will throw some of us into a spiral of doubt and indecision. Vacillation is a key word for the vibration of Libra and wherever Libra sits in your own chart you cannot avoid the fall out or the flack, even if its only by courtesy of what's happening in the lives of others more affected by it having a knock-on effect to yours.

The deeper and more esoteric reasoning behind Mercury retrograde is to prompt or nudge the issues concerned to be examined more closely, with perhaps greater introspection, and with a view to redressing or addressing the 'balance' needed, and the compromises imposed which may not be working. This will affect different people differently, but the main thing to take from it is the knowledge that until it begins to go direct again on the 9th to the 11th October it is best not to think of things as finalised or complete - or even fully transparent. When the Sun enters Libra on the 23rd September there may be greater illumination on whatever needs attention but it is only a marker or a half way measure in the process.

The philosophical side of Libra, and the legal angles, are under a barrage of uncertainty as negotiations and contractual issues swing. As do moods … rifts in agreements and unfulfilled bargains are all part of the redress and the re-appraisal here. It isn't until the planet has equalised with where it firstly slowed – in the final week of October – that we can say the dust has settled and the clarity is true.

It is worth mentioning again that all signs of the zodiac are affected by these retrogrades, not just the one in which the planet sits at that time.

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