Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Note-Worthy : Astrology in the Key of Your Life

Note-Worthy is a service unique to  It offers musical mantras with vocal invocations based on your astrological chart and your individual positive planetary aspects. And it is for life!  A fusion of two universal and sacred codes – musical notes and astrological patterns.
It's found to be true that our vibrational harmony is shown in our birth chart. The astrological map we have at birth is the one we will always resonate to as we go through life.  Along with the vowels derived from our name these notes denote a frequency which can be composed into music. The therapeutic use of sound. To vibrate to the highest notes of our well-being by musical mantra is one of the most powerful and effective ways to achieve balance and greater harmony.  Power lies in harmonizing with everything around us. In this harmony at an inner level is our essential well-being, health and alignment.

Our mantras are composed by professional musicologists working with experienced astrologers. All in the Solfeggio scale on instruments of your choice.
Each mantra lasts between 15 and 20 minutes on average and can be used for meditation purposes or just as background relaxation, or as chakra support as you move around your day.  Either way they are beneficial to the mind and body and are absorbed into the psyche in a natural and non-invasive way.  The words chosen for the invocations are ones which heal negative core belief in the unconscious and promote greater conscious understanding through the cells of the body to align with greater awareness through general life interaction. They can be sung or spoken or just listened to.

The mantras are healing, restorative and a natural balancing tool ...... aids to better life quality.

If you love music and believe in its power to uplift and innovate, then Note-Worthy is something you shouldn't miss.

Note-worthy is launched in collaboration with one of the most reliable and established metaphysical domains on the internet ....

To find out more about the service, listen to samples and to commission your own or someone else's mantra visit

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