Thursday, 24 November 2022

Mars in Gemini, August to March ... . Ideas into Form .. Full Circle Shows.

Gemini : Weaver of Ideas. Sewer of Seeds. Ephemeral Messenger.

The long transit of Mars in Gemini has begun, and will end March next year. The retrograde period is from the end of October to the second week of January ....

In many ways Mars/Gemini will activate or develop the issues of May/June when Mercury retrograded in Gemini. Mercury heralds before Mars enters. So those same issues are the ones Mars/Gemini is now attempting to work with. True to the nature and element of Gemini (mutable air) this is very much a time of expanded connection or widening of same. But also a time of reconciling things which threaten to split or tear apart under the pressure of unresolved ambiguity or tension. 

Gemini - the third zodiac sign - dualistic, versatile, restless and quick to weave ideas. Gemini is often the great imitator, but can innovate skilfully what it is it’s reprising. The social and business motivator, this vibration of Mars/Gemini famously loves to cover ground, it urges the living of life ‘on the move’ or ‘on the wing’ and invites all who can navigate multi-layered action or intention to join a crusade (personal or otherwise) for better lines of understanding prior to freer direction, or more cohesive (or inclusive) positioning..

For sure, in all complex situations the disparities and anomalies have to be highlighted before they can be examined and tackled, but the seams come together more easily when matters are unpicked, re-threaded or viewed in objective terms. The brunt of this work is done by November - in personal and other issues - and it remains only for lines of durability or purpose to be tested, in time for the second week of January if possible.

Importance of priority is often not a Gemini trait, the infinitely niggling detail can be given as much aispace as the main condition. Prevarication holds sway. But Mars in Gemini wants to eradicate time-wasting, do away with the faff and drive to the intended destination. In most matters now, the looping of time and events particularly between September and the first half of January is crucial to completion. Things coming full circle are undeniable in what they contain. The gathering of loose ends and ambivalent opinions is probably done by January in all major schemes and issues of important negotiation.  

The changing of form is beloved of Gemini, by courtesy of its ruler Mercury. Mars in the sign is fond of bringing in an arbitrator or other outside agent to play devil’s advocate or adjudicate (even if this is unwanted). The presence of Mars/Gemini tends to invite the cuckoo, or even be the cuckoo, and loves to hover over situations for as long as it remains interested. Often the recipient of bad press for its various out-of-sync actions and behaviours, there is however no doubting the invaluable skill of Gemini for reaching the corners and remote points and amalgamating the whole, in the most objective and egalitarian of ways.

Those of us (of any sign) with distance associations or affiliations and decisions about closing gaps may need to reflect in November and December when Jupiter is back in Pisces for a spell. Going again to what was threatening or unknowable in spring this year might be one of the trickier processes involved. Though the period of January and early February gives breathing space and room to turn a lot of large or past planning around. Sailing straight is the key - not backing and fro-ing between disparate parties or ideas. 

The long transit of Mars/Gemini is an arduous journey for many, because choice is always given with Gemini and pushed centre stage by Mars. Offers too-good-to-be-true may be a recurring theme. Though sometimes life gives exactly what it says it gives on the tin. Trial through choice is a facet of growth and is life affirming. The more eager find this Mars/Gemini period irresistible in terms of experiment and discovery. Whilst the reticent are pushed face-to-face with what can no longer be avoided.   

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