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VENUS RETROGRADE IN SCORPIO …. That irresistible force compelling us to something or some place or someone.

Venus (exoteric ruler of both Taurus and Libra) in one of her guises is known as the goddess of love and of sensuality .... Venus in Scorpio when retrograde takes us inwards to the theatre of our own sexuality or sensuality, to feel the reality of what and who we are in this respect. Venus-Scorpio in retrograde is one of the most powerfully passive movers in the system.

Retrograde in Scorpio Venus can transform this energy into that of Siren : a woman thought to be very beautiful but also dangerous. Venus is the attraction and Scorpio the danger. This aspect brings out the deeper urges in some females to play that part, the part of temptress or seductress against all odds. Or can lead the male to desire and connect with such a female, if the charts are aligned.  September to December this year are months when the goddess energy first of all rises, then falls out of sight, only to rise once more with the culmination of certain issues as they reach conclusions or vital stages of development. Venus rules also the arts, creativity and all things beautiful. That irresistible force compelling us to something or some place or someone. 

On the 5th October 18 Venus will retrograde in Scorpio until the 13th November. The planet of seduction, mystery and persuasion weaving her magic covertly in the dramas and scenarios already being overseen by Jupiter through Scorpio since last October. Jupiter is traditionally known as the 'Greater Benefic' and Venus the Lesser. This does not mean that everything these planets touch has benefit generally, but that most things they become involved with have increasing power for some people in some places in some situations. So in matters that Jupiter has already enlarged, Venus now weaves on smaller frameworks with tinier stitches with stealthier methods, toward the embellishment and irresistibility of scenarios and conditions that are dramatic, impressive or made of the kind of stuff which fill memories and minds for more than a few moments. Venus has been in Scorpio since the second week of September in straight forward direction, and those things she has touched are set to be taken to a different level, delayed perhaps, or put under greater scrutiny in ways which are not at first obvious until the weeks following the 13thNovember…. 

Jupiter (ruler of the flamboyant Sagittarius) is past master at presentation writ large. While Venus - subtle and nimble - working in this most charismatic and intense vibration of Scorpio, is liable to gain advantage by encrypting facts until such time as the right conditions appear in which de-coding and revelation are apt. Deflection and distraction is one of the many skills of Venus at her most artful. Taurus is the polar opposite sign of Scorpio, so Venus is swimming against the tide of her own sign or working contrary to her usual confident flow. In Scorpio she is the darker or more serious side of the goddess, shaded or disguised and traveling somewhat below the radar.

Always something tricky or deceptive about Venus in Scorpio, always something not quite on the surface but powerfully potent and obviously beneath.  It can also bring absence or the kind of isolation which is obscured and not to be discovered. Venus in this position in this sign works in the most mysterious or cunning of ways. 

Does this mean everyone subscribes to the effect … no! Does it mean we all fall prey to the effect?…. no! But it means we may see or hear evidence of it all around us without being in the direct line of its action. We may perhaps be party to sleight of hand, disappearing tricks or inexplicable about-faces and abrupt withdrawals from set agreements. 

Retrogrades bring a slowing of the energies concerned. So the need to be patient with complex and unresolvable issues is more than ever necessary. Investigation and research of the subtler kind often occurs when Venus is retrograde in Scorpio and often not the conventional sort but the kind that yields results from informal or unusual methods. Chicanery, cunning, cleverly orchestrated scams and arch deception are also an off-shoot of Venus retrograde in Scorpio. The last time Venus was retrograde in this sign was October and November of 2010 and in that year she was riding close to Mars in the same sign, unlike this year when Mars is in Aquarius. The difference this makes to the quality of the action is considerable - but not necessarily to the intention.

At the beginning of November Venus’s retrograde period takes her back into Libra, to review the overall plan and revisit the settings of the first week of September, putting two and two together more neatly perhaps. All this is compounded suddenly by Mercury retrograding in Sagittarius on the 13th December just as Venus goes direct in Libra and brings the jury back in, having weighed the evidence. Transparency and conclusions occur when Venus re-enters Scorpio in the first week of December and begins a straight forward transit once again. Light bulb moments and revelations long awaited begin to happen then. The curious is overtaken by the incredulous perhaps as December plays out and it may be January before the dust sheets are removed to reveal the condition of things. 

Venus in Scorpio retrograde shades and defies the glaring light of reason and veils transparency. Intelligence or realization has to be worked for and waited upon.

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