Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Chart of Donald Trump - President, USA.

In President Trump’s astrological chart the Sun Gemini conjuncts Uranus and is opposition Moon/Sagittarius conjunct the South Node. This aspect denotes something of the inherent dictator and autocrat.

His Leo ascendant is in an anorectic degree; he is concerned with ego and seeks a sense of belonging on a grand scale, he is prone to crowd pleasing but by the same rule is scathing of people who do not approve of him. The Gemini nature battles with contradictions and can end up being misunderstood on matters it feels strongly about but cannot reconcile. But he also has planets in Cancer which point to emotionality to a large degree. This makes him veer between exterior appearances of hardness while battling with inner sensitivities he seeks to conceal.

He has coarseness in his nature, but is a snob with delusions of grandeur. Something of a fantasist. Though he may think of himself as visionary

Moon/Sagittarius conjunct the South node denotes what he may have to give up or sacrifice, and much of this will resonate around his private life. There is a massive personal learning curve between now and September this year given by transiting Saturn on the natal Moon which will tend to make him feel the limitation of presidency.

Has he bitten off more than he can chew!?

September is some kind of crunch time, but circumstances surrounding it may be kept secret.

A powerful trine from natal Mars/Leo to Moon/Sagittarius points to over-indulgence in many matters. It is reckless verbally and careless in action. It is the opposite of deliberated, and this shows in September, when he has to display sincerity or thoroughness to something he has said about women and possibly childbirth issues. The females in his life and the female voters could be his downfall, or could turn the tables against him between September and the end of the year.

Neptune & Jupiter/Libra in his second house show an ability to go back on promises, contracts and so on. To do u-turns which he thinks of as natural changes of mind which others see as fickle and treacherous.

Natal Mars & Pluto in the twelfth house give rise to scandals begging exposure. Does he practice what he preaches? …..

The Pluto aspect in Leo twelfth house is about power undisclosed; interaction with other agencies or parties which cannot be known … just yet. This alludes to the exposure talked of in the previous paragraph.

In November transiting Jupiter in Scorpio will square his natal Pluto in Leo – this brings powerful opponents out of the woodwork and is when he may have to fight to sustain his position to a dramatic background of political manoeuvre, and to a serious point.

Hie is prone to spending over-indulgently, overdoing certain things and skimping on others. His spending may be liberal but not well advised.

Planets in his second house Libra point to his success in his own businesses but also to nefarious activity or a mad surge to acquire against all odds …. especially earlier in his life. He will have considerable enemies from previous years, and these can adversely affect his presidency.

Immigration, foreigners and volatile relations are likely to be high on the agenda and will bring needless and frivolous skirmish within opposition. This challenges his right to remain in office and is an overriding factor in his first year.

A stellium of planets in Cancer shines the spotlight on the home affairs of the nation – he may regenerate the Rust Belt. The steel and coal industries will be rebuilt and American home needs will be accentuated to a greater extent than foreign or global interests. He is very concerned with domestic issues and popularity will grow because of that.

He may become insular and be less inclined to travel abroad than previous presidents. (Gemini Sun, contrary to its versatility and love of variety, often becomes insular in later years). There is in fact a predisposition to danger when he travels and this is seen by natal Mars so close on his ascendant in the late degrees of Leo. Plus Moon/Sagittarius opposition Sun which can give danger to life while abroad. As he ages his recklessness is refined to his speech or decision making rather than his own movement or travel.

Transiting Uranus squares his natal Venus and Saturn in May in the eleventh house, so again we have female energy disrupting or upsetting his plans It could be personal and not disclosed but in the long run the presence of Saturn shows that whatever this is will not go away easily.

The day of his inauguration gave Pluto conjunct Mercury in Capricorn. making up part of what is known as the Horary Chart for that occasion, and denote some kind of feelings of having to learn or bone up on stuff he should already know.

The blind leading the blind …. Double dealing aids or support workers are also shown from elsewhere in the chart.

Needing to lean on personal advisers or aids heavily at all times.

Inwardly Donald Trump feels and believes he is an apprentice president and is full of bluster disguising trepidation about inadequacy. He blusters his way thorough, and smooths things over with sweeping statements that ultimately leave him vulnerable to criticism. However, his dogmas are very strongly rooted and don’t easily change. He has considerable blind sides and doesn't know what to think on many occasions when challenged by greater wisdom or insight.

He needs attention, rather than approval. So negative attention suits him often just as well. He may run the gauntlet with established agencies like the CIA or the FBI … and lose.

Transiting Mars squaring his Sun/Gemini on the day of inauguration gives a likelihood of a temporary or insubstantial term of presidency or office.

While Transiting Venus close to Mars and Neptune on the inauguration day would suggest again, the problematic issues with women, both personally, socially and within his electorate.

From October he is called to show what he is really made of, and the power base he needs is possibly won or lost between November and February 2018.


 Astrologers: Lyn Shea & Peter Wakefield.  

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