Saturday, 12 December 2015

Tales Half Told & Unfinished Business - October to February 16.

There have been floating issues and vague situations and unfinished business; loose arrangements before there is security and advancement in the terms that most of us prefer.   

The situation changed slightly only as Mercury went into Scorpio at the start of November and began to signpost where the greater stability or gravitas may lie and to herald it in by the 10th to 12th November, courtesy of the Moon again - this time in Scorpio. There is the instigation and the motivation to move things to irrevocable or enduring terrain, finalised some time in January and February - depending obviously on the issue concerned - while Mars transits Scorpio.  At that time Mercury has briefly visited Aquarius and prompted these same issues to greater clarity and understanding before retrograding back into Capricorn before leaving the first degree of Aquarius. It matters not, the die has been cast and the drum roll for dramatic or ultimate culmination to these unfinished floating issues is well under way.

So tales half told between October 15 and the end of the first week of March 16.

Think hard, we can all think of some circumstance which fits this bill.

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