Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Mars with Saturn in Scorpio .... adversaries & illusions.

Mars swings into conjunction with Saturn over the next seven days - flushing out adversaries and magnifying the opposition; you can’t deal with what you can’t understand, or with what you cannot see.  Mars/ Scorpio has something of a bad rap, but it’s the most searing, penetrating and thorough motion in the planetary system. Getting right to the point and right to the heart of matters, it pierces the protective film and exposes the substance. 

Coming in with Saturn it’s asked to pause for deliberation perhaps, but only temporarily whilst things are done correctly.  Mars-Saturn/Scorpio takes no hostages and often requires a hefty down payment.  Long term advantages are almost assured, provided you’re standing on the right side of matters and have followed the game.  Mars/Scorpio loves maverick action and rogue scenarios. It backs up Saturn in any investigation techniques demanded by that austerest of planets and in Scorpio it’s after the intriguing and the deepest of facts, buried perhaps but not extinguished.  It produces things we had all forgotten, long since given up on or did not believe existed at all. The illusionist’s best agent and the researcher's caffeine-kick Mars assisting Saturn in Scorpio flourishes the ancient as if it were the invention of the moment. Exposes the dubious, outs the imposters and nails the plausible to the mast.

As Saturn prepares to leave Scorpio at the end of this year Mars assists in clearing and cleaning up the debris from the many fractured situations which left us reeling.  Mars and Saturn together are the law and the enforcement - not necessarily in the orthodox sense of the term.

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