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Mars in Libra Long Haul - December to July ... the compromises we are all waiting for ....

Surely all of us stop to wonder now and then whether we are different from others in what we think! The ideas and thoughts we have sometimes which are so off-the-wall or out-of-the-box that they stop us in our tracks! Those quirky things that pop into our minds in the middle of doing the washing up or on waking first thing.

We question our distinctive views, the eccentricities that we might or might not share with others. We question our right to be different in matters great and small.  At various stages of our life we are afraid of that urge towards difference, and some people remain so forever.

Libra rules philosophy, lines of conformity, collective convention, manners, style, modes of presentation, the balance between self expression and the shared experience. It is the sign of democracy, liberty and law.

Mars through Libra deals with the questions and issues arising from conformity and harmony and the consequence of the lack of those qualities when things go wrong. So naturally as you can't make an omelette without breaking eggs we may see some rattling of sabres in our collective and personal status quo relating to the habits of custom and conduct in whatever area of our life is under the rulership of Libra and affected by the Mars transit in our individual chart.

The most potent of the action may be seen in January to February when Mars squares Jupiter in Cancer just before Mars goes direct again and instigates any developments on hold since November.   Famously Mars and Jupiter in these two signs force the need for compromise somewhere along the line.

Here is a quartered overview of the effects of the long transit through the birth charts of individuals:

1st to 3rd houses see our personal feelings come under scrutiny in the search for a better solution to what is holding us back.

4th to  6th houses lay accent on our reactions to pleasure versus work and duty and the adjustment to the perameters.

7th to 9th houses give emphasis to partnership and the co-operation needed with others for the easing of various pressures.

10th to 12th houses throw up the opportunities to greater understanding on further movement in career or unknown territory.

When the planet retrogrades between early March and the middle of May it does so as Venus is leaving Capricorn having set the tougher conditions and seen the terms set out for everyone's comprehension – and so Mars takes up the slack to make sure that policies are suitable and implemented out to late July. 

In Libra - the most democratic of signs - Mars will ease in the new regimes or methods of procedure in many areas of life and will push for uniformity.  Or a general fairness of exchange, at least at the start of any new organization or regime.   In the retrograde or stationery motion of planets there is pause in action usually for reflection, and often there are delays, which some welcome and others detest ... you cant' please all of the people all of the time … to use a Mars in Libra maxim.   But by the time there is direct motion again in late May the recap on events and lives from just before Christmas should be complete, so that the compromise or re-balance has to be in place or discarded.

It is also worth remembering that compromise is often mistaken for capitulation.   And they are not at all the same thing.

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