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Venus transits Capricorn – November to March - implacable strategies & irresistible timing ...

When the planet often known as the Lesser Benefic – Venus - makes a long transit through a sign it gives that sign a feeling of being graced by the presence of the most feminine of essences. Venus is the height of all that is potent and powerful in female energy. But in Capricorn we see her at her chilliest and most calculating. There is a kind of autocratic or aloof flavour to Venusian developments through Capricorn. To say that Capricorn is a no-nonsense and often formidable vibration is not putting too fine a point on it. So anything from bleak or challenging circumstances to proud and unrelenting self-reliance may be the effects on developments with this transit.

This transit began in November 2013 and lasts until the early days of March 2014. Venus is turning retrograde on the 21st December until the end of January, and long transits of this type purge, trawl and explore all that is key to the sign concerned. So although Venus is subtle in effect, in Capricorn we can expect some down-to-earth demands in personal and collective scenarios, even some cold and chilling manoeuvring blatantly aimed at getting what is wanted. Persuasive, often guileful and light in touch, in Capricorn Venus will be none of these things. And depending on where Capricorn is in your chart she may well bring you to your senses, or bring you to the nub of the hard work needed in ongoing matters before you attain much needed comfort from whatever field you are ploughing or whatever goal you are chasing.

Adding greater complexity is the fact that Venus has conjuncted Pluto around the 15th November. Venus with Pluto is known for being a seductive duo. In general this combination denotes a lot of sexual energy, a lot of powerful and irresistible fascination with pleasure or scintillating exploration. The deeply sexual aspect of Pluto, ruler of Scorpio, coupled with the sensuality of Venus mean very symbiotic or captivating situations. Compulsive or fated attractions are usually given by this combination. But in Capricorn? No less irresistible or compulsive! but perhaps a little more reticent or cautious ... possibly even blocked or impeded! Not to be overlooked in this scripting is the fact that the Pluto/Venus conjunction formed a square with Uranus/Aries – an aspect that will not be denied or restricted - so the defiance of circumstances will prevail in whatever Venus is planning. Time, law, opinion, convention and all the usual effects of Capricorn were prompted into an escalation of movement by the pull from Uranus/Aries. Things surfacing from way back and determined to come to the fore – and with Pluto involved the time frame can be ancient, even centuries old. Personal interaction or collective strategy being called out of the darkness (Pluto) to bring satisfaction or healing (Venus) and find attention in the light of present day.

When Venus is in retrograde motion between the third week of December and the end of January we may find we have to retrace steps or ride out delays, not seeing any progress until February. Or we may find ourselves going hopelessly deeper into the mysteries which are both Venusian and Plutonic … like Alice down the rabbit hole, we plunge as if by accident into something more surreal or out of the ordinary, and a setting that was definitely not described by the brochure. Intriguing or Scary? Venus in Capricorn is nothing if not demanding! Bossy even. Her usually light touch is weighted by a weapon with which she may gain control or assume a commanding role that we cannot ignore.
Venus in Capricorn is the original ice maiden and the all time party pooper - even at Christmas. She is not lenient when in her Saturnine phase. Saturn rules Capricorn and is not a planet to be messed with, demanding that the Venusian effect be honest, ethical and totally necessary.

These qualities are then to be backed by the long transit of Mars in Libra beginning early December out to July 2014. So Mars in the balancing air sign of Libra will begin pursuing and alining new forms and paradigms resulting from the previous revelations of Venus. Mars is the quintessential male rhythm to Venus's female. Mars will implement what Venus requests and calls forth.

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